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With success in over 15 countries, Peeling Algae is now being launched in the UK, for the very first time. The perfectly formulated powder, provides you with your skin feeling astonishingly new.

What is Peeling Algae?

It is a bioactive compound that is naturally produced by specific marine algae, known as seaweed crystals. The crystals penetrate and dissolve the epidermal layer of the skin, which reduces acne inflammation, oil production, as well as having many more benefits which are highlighted below:

• Removes dead cells, tightens pores, soothes irritations, clean and radiant, mattifies the skin,
• Reduce dark circles under the eyes and make the skin look complexion replenished.
• It helps reducing inflammations and improves local circulation of blood.
• Specially formulated to help chronic sun-damaged skin, reducing the wrinkles.
• For hyperpigmentation and melasma
• Procedure reduces post-acne and Stretch marks.
• Good for acne,can be applied pointwise on inflammation areas

Most importantly, the algae does not contain any synthetic acids or abrasive products.

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About Zcosmo

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